The Casual Traveler

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Welcome to my pages. Here you will find a collections of my projects, ideas, and interests .

My Homemade Solar Water Heater

My "do it yourself" design for heating my swimming pool. An inexpensive way to make use of the age 
old concept of getting hot water from a hose lying in the sun.

My Windmill

My first and second homemade windmills built entirely from scratch. Small machines meant to
charge a small battery bank.

My Halloween Projects

Silly things that goes bump in the night. Some classic effects along with some ideas of my own.

My Hurricane Page

For sensible people. 
Protecting yourself, your family and your home is first and foremost an individuals responsibility.

My Mobile Web Links Page
Links to pages specially made to load fast and easy on mobile devices or when you want to speed things 
up on your regular computer and skip all the heavy graphics.

Media Bias
A simple answer to the question of Media Bias, but probably not the one your expecting. 
It's all about the money.

My experience with Sciatica. I hope this can help someone.

My Business

 I build screen rooms and swimming pool enclosures in Northeast Florida.  
Making a living doing what I know best.

My Radio Collection

Old Vacuum Tube Radios I've collected over the years, 
I now offer for sale.

Our Cabin Project
Coming Soon.

My Boats

There is nothing, absolutely nothing more worthwhile doing than simply messing about in boats.
(The wind in the willows)

My Quotes
Original things that I say and things I wish I had thought of first.